Great Lakes Boat Building School

Indian River Skiff Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Cheri Fischer, winner of the 2021 Indian River Skiff Raffle!


Cheri Fischer was thrilled to learn she had won the Indian River Skiff. As a first-time boat owner, she plans to enjoy time on the water near her home in the Trout Lake area.

The Indian River Skiff is a replica of one that was donated to the school from the Indian River area. Its exact heritage is unknown, but is speculated to be a Lyman rowboat. Students have taken the lines off the donated boat to generate plans and parts for the new boat.

Hand built by Comprehensive Career Boat Building students, the skiff is a 13’7″ long with a 47″ beam. The framing is white oak and it has been planked with northern white cedar. The sheer plank is sapelle; floorboards are varnished non-skid cypress. The exterior is dark green and varnished sheer. Interior is Hatteras off-white with varnished thwarts and risers.

The Indian River Skiff was raffled on June 12, 2021 during the Elk Rapids Harbor Days.

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