Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the 2018-19 Academic Year is $13,000.  There are three payment options available:

A. Payment may be made in full 30 days prior to the start of classes.

B. Two (2) payments 30 days before the start of each semester of $6,500.

C. Quarterly payments may be paid over the course of the program. If this option is chosen, $3,250 will be due at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the academic year.

An additional $500 Materials/Activity Fee is also due no later than the first day of classes.

The above tuition includes the courses as described in the GLBBS catalog, textbook and shop/materials fees. Students are responsible for the purchase of the required tools, personal notebooks, and travel for any optional field trips away from the GLBBS campus.




What People Say

Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on the
Marilyn Jean. Everyone loves her!

Wayne B., Commissioned Boat Client July 14, 2017

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