Application Criteria

Application Criteria


The School’s application criteria are developed and designed for a student who is capable of successfully completing and benefiting from the program. All decisions are based on fair, effective, and consistent criteria to enable the School to make an informed judgment as to an applicant’s ability to achieve the program’s objectives. To be eligible for the program, all applicants must:

  1. Have earned a High School diploma or recognized equivalency certificate(GED)
  2. Have physical health to withstand the day-to-day work load
  3. Have the ability to understand written and oral instruction given in English
  4. Score a minimum of 70% on the Admissions Interview Questionnaire

To submit an application and/or be accepted into the Comprehensive Career Boat Building program, the School does not require (or expect) the applicant to have previous woodworking or boat building skills, power or hand tool skills, experience, or knowledge.

Applicants can apply to the School year-round and are encouraged to submit their application for acceptance as soon as possible, along with their supporting documentation, as there are limited class spaces available for each enrollment session.

Admissions Advisor

All questions related to the program’s requirements, processes, and procedures, the nature of training and education provided, and the program’s responsibilities and demands, can be directed to the Admissions Advisor at: 906-398-2088 or US Mail:

Great Lakes Boat Building School
Attn: Admissions Advisor
485 S Meridian
Cedarville, MI 49719

Application Procedure

A prospective student is notified in writing of their status once their application has been processed by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee may consist of instructor’s, the Registrar, Director of Education, past and present Board members, and is chaired by the Executive Director of Operations.

A prospective student’s status changes from “prospective student” to “applicant” once an application has been submitted to the School for consideration. The prospective student has met the application criteria when the following criteria have been completed:

Required Documents

  • Complete the “Student Application Form” online or download a pdf version. **Required Payment at end of online form.
  •      Complete the “Physical Attestation Form” online or download a pdf version.
  • Have a copy of your High School diploma, GED certificate or College diploma OR a copy of your transcripts emailed or mailed to GLBBS directly from the institution in a sealed envelope.

Required Payment

  • Pay your $100 (U.S.), non-refundable application fee.  Prospective students may pay by check, cash (in person), or debit/credit card (over the phone).  Additionally, students who submit their application electronically will have the opportunity to complete their secure transaction online.

Admissions Advisor Interview

  • Admissions Committee Assessment. The Admissions Committee will review the Admissions Interview Questionnaire. The questions asked of each applicant have a point value. Each participating Admissions Committee member provides a score for each question. The maximum possible score for the questionnaire is (20) twenty points. The sum of all total scores are averaged. To be admitted, an applicant must earn a minimum of 70% or higher for their aggregate score. A score below the threshold, may require additional information such as but not limited to: letters of support or additional phone or skype interview, etc.

Military applicants who intend to use VA Education Benefits must provide:

  • VA Certificate of Eligibility (Submit a copy)

International applicants must provide proof of:

  • An international evaluated/translated secondary school transcript; and
  • English proficiency.

Admissions Procedure

Admitted Applicant:
An applicant’s status changes from applicant to admitted once accepted by the Admissions Committee. Upon acceptance, the Admissions Advisor will send the admitted applicant:

  1. Formal written Letter of Acceptance
  2. Enrollment Agreement (Form 485enroll version July 31, 2018) – and
  3. Printed and bound copy or PDF formatted copy of the July 31, 2018 catalog


Given the limited number of students enrolled for each module, failure to return the enrollment agreement in a timely manner, may jeopardize the admitted applicant’s request and/or preferred date of enrollment in the program.


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