Alumni Connection: Kaleb Voisin

Kaleb Voisin is a 2018 graduate of our Comprehensive Career Boat Building program, was named GLBBS “Shipmate of the Year 2018” and is now a Restoration Technician at Ramsey Brothers Restorations and Dart Boat Company in Toledo, OH.

Kaleb in his first module at GLBBS building a footstool.

We were able to sit down with Kaleb to ask him some questions about being a student at Great Lakes Boat Building School.

Q.) What is the most important or valuable thing you learned at Great Lakes Boat Building School?

A.) It is important to be a good team member.  Workers need to be able to work with others to be able to complete a project of task on time and with good quality.


Q.) What do you love the most about your current job?

A.) The best part about my job at Ramsey Brothers is that I am not doing just one thing. I am responsible for restoration, frame building, and finishing.  At Dart Boat Company we all work together and we get to do many jobs throughout the boat building process.


Kaleb posing with a boat he helped restore, pictured with his employers Scott and Dave Ramsey.

Q.) What do you think was the biggest benefit of attending Great Lakes Boat Building School?

A.) The biggest benefit about attending GLBBS is that you learn many different ways to work on boats and and you learn about different types of construction, how to install engines, and complete quality finish work. I am proud of what I learned at GLBBS and how I am able to use it at Ramsey Brothers and Dart Company today, to make and restore the highest quality classic boats.


If you would like more information about becoming a student at Great Lakes Boat Building School please call (906)484-1081 or click here to apply.

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