Chica (Composite)

Completed Project



The “Chica” was specially designed for GLBBS by Carl Chamberlin of Basic Boats for the lofting exercise that all students must do in the first session. After seeing the boat lofted each year, we decided it would be fun to finally build one. The boat was designed to be easily lofted on the bench, so it is less than eight feet in length, making it a diminutive dinghy that would work well as a tender for a yacht. The boat will be available in the spring and will make a great tender, or just for the kids to dink around in.


  • LOA: 7′ – 7″
  • Beam: 3′ – 7½”
  • Draft: 6″
  • Displacement: 285 lbs


  • Name: Carl Chamberlin


  • Cold Molded – Cedar Strips