Gartside 16′-6″ Inboard Workboat

Completed Project



This traditional boat is a good example of how a “workboat” can be designed and built to be every bit as handsome as any yacht tender or pleasure launch. The construction is robust, with an oak backbone, cedar planking over oak frames, and hardwood trim. All fastenings are Silicon Bronze. A small diesel engine provides the inboard power, and the outboard rudder and tiller steering add to her work boat heritage.


This boat was built by two different classes. The first year class of 2011 lofted, framed, and planked it. The first year class of 2012 completed it.

Some of the skill students learned while building this boat include:

  • Advanced Lofting Techniques
  • Carvel Planking
  • Joinery
  • Engine Installation
  • Finishing


  • LOA: 16′ – 6″
  • LWL: 16′ – 0″
  • Beam: 5′ – 5″
  • Displacement: 1680 lbs
  • Power: Yanmar 1GM
  • Capacity: 4 Adults




  • Backbone: All White Oak with Yellow Cedar Apron
  • Frames: Steam Bent White Oak
  • Transom: PortOrford Cedar
  • Planking: Northern White Cedar
  • Breasthook and Quarter Knees: Sapele
  • Gunwale Cap: Sapele
  • Interior: Painted Pine and Cedar
  • Coamings, Rails, Fife Rail, Bowsprit Knees, Stern Sheets:
  • Rudder: Port Orford Cedar with Sapele Cheeks
  • Fastenings: All Silicon Bronze
  • Engine: Rebuilt Yanmar 1GM with warranty