Miss A.P.B.A. Replica

Completed Project

Commissioned Project

A replica of John L. Hacker’s 1923, 26′ Gold Cup racer is being built as part of the curriculum for the career Boat Building program of the class of 201


The boat was designed exclusively for Motor Boating (MoToR BoatinG) magazine in 1923. Following are excerpts from the 1923 article:

For the benefit of those who want speed and comfort without riding about in a hydroplane of excessive speed possibilities, the little displacement runabout which Mr. Hacker has designed this month, will fit every requirement. Its proportions are such as to make it eligible for competition in the Gold Cup races for displacement runabouts of over 25 feet length on the waterline and less than 625 cubic inches piston displacement. A boat of this size is in all probability beyond the capacity of the amateur builder. It is a refined job of boat building, with weights reduced to the minimum possible in all points.  The planking is light in weight, being only ⅜ of an inch thick on the sides, while the bottom is double-planked with a thin layer running diagonally and a ⅜-inch thickness running fore and aft, with a layer of canvas in glue between them. The labor required to properly place this material must be very skillful and accustomed to work of this kind. The design of a hull of this kind involves no end of intricate computation and effort which does not appear in the completed drawings. The weight, trim, and balance of the entire boat depend upon the precision with which the drawings are followed.


  • Advanced Lofting Techniques
  • Cold Molded Construction
  • Yacht Joinery
  • Working with Epoxies
  • Problem Solvingsomeone is to know him; to build a boat with him is to know him well.“ And so it goes at GLBBS. The goal is to have the Gartside Sloop ready for
  • launching on graduation day 2015.


  • KEEL -Sapele 2″x4″x24′
  • STEM/KNEE – Sitka spruce-sided 2″ laminate
  • TRANSOM – Laminate Mahogany with ¼” Mahogany over
  • TRANSOM FR. – Ash 1’x3″
  • FRAMES – Sapele-sided ¾”
  • FLOORS – Sapele-sided 1¼”
  • CHINE – Yellow Cedar 2″x2″
  • STRINGERS – Douglas Fir-sided 1¼”
  • BATTENS – Yellow Cedar ½”x1½”
  • CLAMP – Yellow Cedar ½”x2½”
  • DECK BEAMS – Sitka Spruce ¾”x 2″
    • INNER LAYER – 4mm Marine Ply
    • OUTER LAYER – ¼” Sapele
    • INNER LAYER – 6mm Marine Ply
    • OUTER LAYER – ⅜” Sapele
    • INNER LAYER – 4mm Marine Ply
    • OUTER LAYER – ¼” Sapele
    • COAMING/TRIM – Sapele x various