Rescue Minor

Completed Project

Commissioned Project

The Rescue Minor is a shallow draft utility boat. It features a Tunnel-Stern V-Bottom that allows it to be used in shallow water. It is also serves well in rough water and can carry heavy loads without dramatic draft increases. It performs well with modest power.


The tunnel hull design protects the shaft, propeller and rudder. The keel is straight and flat and nothing protrudes below it.

This boat was initially designed for war time rescue work by the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and the Red Cross by William Atkin(1882 -1962). William designed a wide variety of boats and was a writer as well. Later his son, John Atkin(1918-1999), joined him to establish Atkin & Co which has long been associated with practical, quality, well-proven, wooden boat designs.



  • LOA: 19′-6″
  • LWL: 19′
  • Beam: 5′-8″
  • Draft: 6″
  • Power: 25HP