LEARNING CURVES…Thoughts On Craftsmanship

by: Patrick Mahon, Director of Education We talk about teaching and preserving “craftsmanship” so it is appropriate that we define what we mean by that term. Sometimes the word is used to describe anyone who works with their hands, or makes something tangible. I think it is more flexible in definition and often up to […]

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LEARNING CURVES…GLBBS Educational Objectives

By: Patrick Mahon, Education Director GLBBS is a vocational school in the purest definition.  Vocation comes from the Latin word vocatio, meaning both an occupation for which one is trained and a calling or strong inclination to follow a particular activity.  At GLBBS, we value both types of students, which are now referred to as vocational and avocational students.  Vocational […]

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Learning Curves…GLBBS Commissioned Boats

By: Patrick Mahon, Education Director Over the years GLBBS has had the opportunity to build a remarkable variety of craft. Several of these have brought national recognition, starting with the authentically constructed 28-foot whaleboat that accompanied the Charles W Morgan on her historic 38th voyage in 2013.  This was an exceptional opportunity for our students to […]

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Learning Curves…The “Sweetheart Skiffs”

By: Patrick Mahon, Education Director Over the years, we have built many small skiffs as the fi rst boat building project for our first-year students during Session One. After completing their classic woodworking projects and learning the lofting process, the skiff introduces simple boat building concepts and skills. Some of the designs we chose in […]

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Learning Curves (and Summer Travels)

By: Patrick Mahon, Director of Education The summer months bring a change from the daily routine of the full-time boat building program.  The Summer Workshop program keeps the shop and staff busy seven days a week, with this year hosting more than 80 participants and overseeing the building of 35 boats.  This is the time we […]

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