Tiara Yachts GLBBS Student Sponsorship Award

GLBBS is proud to announce the Tiara Yachts GLBBS Student Sponsorship Award, available to students enrolled at GLBBS for 2024-25. Two students will be chosen, enrolled in the Marine Service Technology program or the Comprehensive Career Boat Building program, for a $15,000 award.  Upon graduation, the student agrees to work for Tiara Yachts for a minimum period of one year for pay and benefits.

Students must be admitted into either the Marine Service Technology program or the Comprehensive Career Boat Building program at GLBBS by June 9th, have earned a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 (transcripts required), must be willing to sign a pre-employment agreement with Tiara Yachts for one year, and must submit two letters of reference (online through the Sponsorship Core Application or sent directly to GLBBS by June 9th).

Complete both the Sponsorship Core Application and the Tiara Yachts Sponsorship Application, and submit two letters of reference by June 9, 2024.

The top three students will be notified, and the students will be interviewed by the Selection Committee in August. The winner will receive 1/3 of the $15,000 award each semester, beginning Fall 2024, then Spring 2025 and Summer 2025.


  • Student will sign a Pre-Employment Agreement with Tiara Yachts upon acceptance of the Sponsorship Award, and must agree to work for a minimum of one year at Tiara Yachts in Holland, MI.
  • Student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) each semester while attending GLBBS (attend a minimum of 90% of courses and earn a minimum GPA of 3.0).
  • Student must visit Tiara Yachts before the end of the fall semester to see the facility and meet the staff (mileage and one night hotel stay will be covered by Tiara Yachts).
  • Spring and Summer semester awards may be cancelled if the student indicates need to cancel pre-employment contract, fails to meet SAP, or is unable to fulfill the work commitment of the award.


  • Provide $22.00 per hour wage for full-time employment
  • Provide student full benefits – health insurance, 401K, paid vacation and personal time off
  • Ongoing training
  • Senior mentoring program


Over 60 years ago, Tiara embarked on their voyage to create the finest yachts in the world built in the U.S.A. It started when the family patriarch, Leon Slikkers, founded SlickCraft in 1955. Mr. Slikker’s mantra of “Building the Best Boats” continues with the third generation of the family intimately involved in steering the future of the company while embracing their commitment to perfection and constantly seeking ways to improve the yachting experience. They also believe in taking care of the customer first.

Tiara’s “Quest to be the Best” centers on creating yachts that are visually stunning, incredibly comfortable, technologically advanced and easier to pilot. Their passion has earned Tiara the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s highest achievement, the Customer Service Index Award, for their dedication to customer service and quality.

With the goal of maintaining this status in the marine industry, Tiara Yachts are seeking Marine Service Technology graduates and Comprehensive Career Boat Building graduates who are experts at the mechanics of inboard and outboard engines and other boat equipment. This sponsorship award is established to support GLBBS students in their goal of seeking their certification and providing a meaningful career in the marine industry at Tiara Yachts.


Drug, Marijuana, and Alcohol-Free Workplace. Tiara is concerned about the negative effects that drugs, marijuana, and alcohol can have on employee safety and health. Therefore, it is the policy of Tiara to maintain a drug, marijuana, and alcohol-free work environment that is safe and productive for employees and others having business with the company. Therefore, Tiara does require pre-employment drug screens and in addition conducts periodic random drug testing as well as testing upon reasonable suspicion if an employee is suspected of using drugs, marijuana, and/or alcohol while on the job.