Donate A Boat

We sincerely thank you for considering the donation of your boat to Great Lakes Boat Building School.  As a registered 501c(3), non-profit educational institution your donation is a tax-deductible vital piece of both our curriculum and fundraising efforts here at GLBBS. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the School.

The following is a list of disclosures that must be considered:

  • Your donation may be used during the Restoration/Repair portion of our Comprehensive Career Boat Building Program or it may be offered up for sale/auction.
  • Donor must have a clear title and/or U.S. Coast Guard documentation in their name
  • Great Lakes Boat Building School cannot give your donation a value. The value is established by the donor. In some cases, this may be the selling price. If the Donor believes that the boat is worth more than the school was able to sell it for, they can provide an appraisal by a qualified broker or surveyor of the true market value when filing their tax returns for that year.
  • The School will provide the Donor with IRS Form #1098-C immediately following the sale of the boat or January 31 of the next calendar year, whichever comes first.

Please enter the following information about the boat you would like to donate. GLBBS reserves the right to refuse any donation.  Thank you for your support.

  • Donor Info

  • Boat Info

  • What is the size of the boat?
  • Where is the boat currently located?
  • Please include a picture of each of the following items on the boat: front, back, portside, starboard, the interior (if applicable), and deck (if applicable).
    Accepted file types: png, jpeg, gif, pdf.
  • Please list any extras that come with the boat.

What People Say

Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on the
Marilyn Jean. Everyone loves her!

Wayne B., Commissioned Boat Client July 14, 2017

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