Marine Service Technology

Three 15 Week Semesters
12 Month Period
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Program Objective

The Marine Service Technology (MST) Program is designed to prepare individuals who are well-rounded, entry-level marine technicians. Marine technicians work in settings such as marinas, marine dealerships, boat repair yards, marine manufacturing facilities, and yacht clubs. They perform installation and maintenance services on recreational and light commercial boats.


Program Description

The Marine Service Technology program requires 42 credits of coursework, including instruction in the classroom and in the shop, hands-on application in supervised lab time in the shop, and team and individual projects in the shop.  The program is completed in three 15-week semesters in a 12-month period.  Students complete a total of 1470 clock hours in instructional settings and outside preparation for instruction and projects over the course of the program. At the completion of the program, students will receive a certificate and will be eligible to test for ABYC certifications. The typical number of students in classroom or laboratory/shop settings of instruction is 15.

Enter The Workforce After 12 Months

Marine technicians (also known as marine mechanics) are experts in the maintenance and repair of the systems that keep the boats running. Rather than sitting at a desk all day, these technicians are constantly on their feet performing installation and maintenance services and working on new projects. From old fishing boats to a new shiny yacht, it is a marine technician’s job to make sure the boat operates properly.

Becoming a Marine Technician

Typical Work Environments Include:

  • Boat dealerships
  • Independent repair shops
  • Marinas
  • Boatyards
  • Docks
  • Outdoor department stores
  • Yacht centers
  • Cruise lines
  • U.S. Navy and Marine Corps

Marine Technician Duties:

  • Performing routine maintenance
  • Keeping customers in the loop by communicating what needs to be done to get their boat up and running properly
  • Observing and testing equipment on the boat
  • Replacing and repairing worn, damaged, and defective pieces and parts
  • Documenting repairs for the client

Semester 1

Introduction to Marine Service Technology

Coursework in the first semester provides students with an introduction to the Marine Services Technology field, and basic skills and knowledge necessary for working with boats and in marine-related settings.

Credit hours: 14
Course completion: 15 Weeks

Great Lakes Boat Building School

Semester 2

Marine Propulsion

In the second semester, students apply and further develop their knowledge and skills related to boatyard operations, and focus on the fundamentals of the wide range of propulsion and drive systems that are used in boats.

Credit hours: 14
Course completion: 15 Weeks

Great Lakes Boat Building School

Semester 3

Marine Systems

The third semester coursework extends consideration of marine systems to non-engine systems including electrical, plumbing and climate control.  Boatyard operations are also emphasized, as students apply knowledge and skills to the processes of winterizing and commissioning boats.

Credit hours: 14
Course completion: 15 Weeks

Great Lakes Boat Building School