Letter from Tom Slikkers to the Marine Industry

Great Lakes Boat Building School (GLBBS) is honored to have Tom Slikkers, CEO and President of Tiara Yachts, become such a strong advocate and supporter of the school and students. After Tom’s initial visit to GLBBS with his family, Tiara Yachts hosted a field trip for GLBBS students and faculty, financially supported the school’s Come Aboard, Launch Careers capital campaign, and provided two $15,000 student sponsorships for the 2022-23 academic year. GLBBS staff are truly grateful and humbled by Tom’s support.

When you read Tom’s letter, you will gain some insight into why Tiara Yachts supports GLBBS. At Great Lakes Boat Building School, we are setting students up with the skills needed for rewarding careers, while also tackling a daunting challenge that is currently being faced by Tiara Yachts and other businesses in the marine industry; developing strong employees who are highly prepared in the marine trades.

Please consider joining the Slikkers family and Tiara Yachts in supporting Great Lake Boat Building School’s Come Aboard, Launch Careers capital campaign.

Read more about the Tiara Yachts donation and GLBBS field trip here.