Garvey Workboat

Completed Project

A heavily-built flat-bottom workboat with a large towing bit and lifting spars.


The original design is a 19’ x 7’ Garvey-style workboat, as built at the Mystic Seaport Museum’s shipyard and actively used to move and assist the larger boats in the Museum’s collection. It is a flat-bottomed scow design with a small outboard engine set in an internal engine well. It is heavily-built using traditional construction, as befits a workboat. It has a large towing bit and lifting spars, which the students will duplicate.

Our version has been shortened to 16’ and will be built to the original scantlings. It is expected to serve the boat school in the same way as the Museum.


  • Lofting
  • Building molds and set-up
  • Cross-planked bottom
  • Caulking
  • Fitting frames
  • Fastening
  • Spar making(lifting spars)
  • Rigging
  • Finishing


  • LOA: 16′
  • Beam: 7′
  • Draft: 6″
  • Displacement: TBD
  • Power: 10-15HP outboard
  • Hull Speed: TBD




  • Frames: White Oak
  • Transom: Northern White Cedar
  • Planking: Northern White Cedar
  • Gunwale Cap: White Oak
  • Coamings, Rails, Fife Rail, Bowsprit Knees, Stern Sheets: White Oak
  • Chine Log: White Oak
  • Riser: White Oak
  • Rudder: White Oak
  • Fastenings: Galvanized steel nails & bolts
  • Spars: Douglas fir or Spruce
  • Finish:
    • Hull: Marine enamel
    • Bottom: Marine enamel copper anti-fouling
    • Interior: Marine enamel
    • Spars: Marine varnish